MC 820

MC 820 Automatic case-packer

The Marchesini MC820 is an automatic machine for collation and insertion of single and collated cartons into the case. Case closing with not overlapping adhesive tape.

Main Features

  • Balcony design to improve accessibility, maintenance and cleaning operations;
  • Machine composed of three working sections: cartons collation, case feeding and closing;
  • Working area and case transport, separated from the mechanics placed on the rear;
  • Case changeover adjustments in “B” (width) and “H” (height) quotes, are made through servo motors with direct command from the operator panel;
  • “A” quote (length) automatically managed when setting of the format parameters is made from the PC.

Cartons Collation

  • Collation of cartons, coming from the upstream machine, on the infeed conveyor belt;
  • Pick & Place for the direct transfer of the cartons into the hopper, with vertical stacking from the bottom to the top;
  • Product pick up detected at each cycle of the collation, to assure that the defined number of products has been collated;
  • Machine stop in case of wrong pick up;
  • Product transfer into the case, at the end of the collation phase, by the mechanical command of pusher and hopper.

Cases Feeding

  • Case feeding on a 1750 mm (68.897”) long conveyor belt, placed at 450 mm (17.716”) from the floor, accepting many stacks of flat cases all over its length and one stack in the pick-up area;
  • Suction cups arm for the picking of the flat case from the top of the stack and case transfer into the forming and loading station; case forming and keeping in the opened position during the introduction of product;
  • Possibility to process a wide range of cardboard boxes sizes without the use of change parts;
  • Automatic adjustment of the strokes of the picking arm and case transport chains, without neither manual settings nor size parts.

Cases Closing

  • Flaps folding and subsequent case closing with adhesive tape.

Safeties and Controls

  • Safeties guards in methacrylate, integrated in the machine frame;
  • Emergency circuits and protections with safety level;
  • Overload control on the machine brushless motorizations;
  • Torque control on product loading hopper and pusher;
  • Minimum load control, with machine under idle status in case of lack of cartons at the infeed;
  • Maximum load control on the infeed conveyor with stop of the upstream machine upon receipt of a signal detecting maximum load of product;
  • Minimum load control of the cases inside the magazine with acoustic pre-warning signal and machine stop;
  • Control for the unsuccessful case opening with machine stop;
  • Control for the adhesive tape breaking with machine stop and acoustic signal in case of tape reel end.

Technical data

Carton sizes

  • A: Min 20 mm - Max 160 mm
  • B: Min 10 mm - Max 150 mm
  • H: Min 50 mm - Max 260 mm


  • A1: Min 130 - Max 510 mm
  • B1: Min 110 - Max 335 mm
  • H1: Min 110 - Max 335 mm

Case sizes

  • A: Min 140 - Max 520 mm
  • B: Min 120 - Max 350 mm
  • H: Min 120 - Max 350 mm

Mechanical speed

  • Max. 10 cases/minute

Standard voltage

  • 400 Volts, 3-phase, Neutral & Ground, Frequency 50 Cycles

Electrical cabinet

  • On board, it can be opened from the rear side of the machine

Electric functions and Touch Screen control panel. Commanded by one Industrial Siemens PC, autotest included, complete with:

  • Start, stop, reset and emergency push buttons
  • Jog connector
  • Display to visualize notifications for the operator as well as necessary size management selections
  • Password protected services access
  • Message presentation including services and Help menu
  • Production data: total and partial hours counter, good products counter, speed indicator
  • Complying with EMC norms (El. Magnetic Compatibility)
  • Two additional foreign languages can be added to Italian language

Pneumatic components

  • SMC

Commercial References

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