Marchesini Group refurbished machines from the best mechanics and electronics experts.

About Us

RINOVA is a company exclusively specialized in refurbishment and sale of Marchesini Group packaging machines, even held by customers. Packaging and end-of-line solutions: cartoners, blister packagers, sachet fillers, wrappers, labellers, bundlers, case-packers, palletizers.

The graphic element that characterizes us, an O that simulates recycling, represents the continuous life cycle of a Marchesini machine. A RINOVA refurbished machine is a long production life solution guaranteed by the Marchesini Group’s highest quality standards.

Our team is composed by mechanics, electricians and software engineers that after a long experience in the Marchesini Group embraced our recycling philosophy, sharing every day their know-how with the younger colleagues.

About Us

RINOVA The bonuses

By purchasing a machine directly from RINOVA customers get the benefits offered through Marchesini’s know-how, both at the time of purchase as well as after sales.

RINOVA offers customers guaranteed second hand machines that comprise all the advantages of machines made by the Marchesini Group.

RINOVA offers buyers a qualified customer care service, capable of thoroughly supporting customers by providing design planning, original spare parts and software implementation.

RINOVA machines are born from a Marchesini core, refurbished in its spare parts, electrical components and software. The result is “a new machine” but at an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

Rebuilding Solution

RINOVA can refurbish every second-hand Marchesini Group machine by customizing it according to the client’s needs and technical standards. Every machine completes a rigorous refurbishment process that includes full testing that meets the same functional standards as new machine.

A machine refurbished by RINOVA offers a perfect combination of craftsmanship, high technology and an unbeatable quality-price ratio. The outcome is machine ready to face a new service life, fitted exclusively with original spare parts and components. 

Find out how we helped FARMEA and Proraso.


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