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Have you ever thought of buying a second-hand machine from the Marchesini Group? Or even having your own refurbished?

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RINOVA, with the refurbished MA 155, satisfied the needs of the PRORASO customer

Who is PRORASO Natural Cosmetics? Founded in 1908 by Ludovico Martelli, PRORASO has been setting trends in the shaving world […]

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RINOVA, with the refurbished BA 100, satisfied the needs of the SPEICK customer

Who is SPEICK Natural Cosmetics? Speick Natural Cosmetics is a German family-owned company specialized in the production of speick-based natural […]

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Obsolescence, revision and change of state of use – MA 155

The French company FARMEA contacted us for support and we have given our specialization and experience to its service. Who […]

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