RINOVA, with the refurbished Blister line (MB451 + MA355), satisfied the needs of the RAFARM customer

RINOVA, with the refurbished Blister line (MB451 + MA355), satisfied the needs of the RAFARM customer

What is RAFARM?

RAFARM is a well-established European manufacturer highly specialized in the research, development and supply of a wide range of complex pharmaceutical products with a specific focus on sterile forms, in particular ophthalmic products (solutions, suspensions and emulsions) and complex injectable products.

Innovation-driven and dynamically growing, RAFARM is one of the largest Greek pharmaceutical companies with an outward-looking orientation. The company develops and manufactures sterile ophthalmic and injectable products for the markets of Europe, America, Canada and other countries.

RAFARM has three cutting-edge manufacturing units and independent storage facilities covering 16,000 sq. m., manufactures 670 products, owns more than 1,100 approved licenses worldwide and exports in more than 60 countries across the five continents.

The new state-of-the-art Research and Development Center constitutes a milestone RAFARM, since it will enhance capabilities in research and development of sterile complex pharmaceutical products (ophthalmic and injectable). Τhe company invests 10% of net turnover in Research and Development on an annual basis, is upgrading its sterile production lines with modern technology (robotic filling machine of plastic vials and prefilled syringes for injectables, cutting-edge filling machine of sterile ophthalmic products) and expands its export activities.

RAFARM stands for:

  • Readiness to support your needs
  • Expertise in developing and producing sterile pharmaceutical products (ophthalmics and injectables)
  • Reliability of our advanced R&D, Manufacturing and Regulatory capabilities
  • Agility in business model partnerships worldwide

Based on more than 40 years of experience in the field, RAFARM works closely with customers every step of the way, from the lab to commercial scale production, makes full use of the expertise of highly specialized teams and provides integrated CDMO solutions.

Business models

  • B2B: Licensing and Supply, Co-development, Distribution
  • B2C: Marketing and promotion in local markets (Greece and Cyprus)
  • Adaptive end-to-end CDMO Solutions

Why RAFARM contacted RINOVA?

RAFARM contacted RINOVA for the revamping of a blister line (composed by blistering machine and cartoning machine), purchased by themselves directly on a used machine market.

The purchased equipment needed extended mechanical and electrical revamping.

This line had to be suitable for the packaging of a single carton format with 12 blisters containing pharmaceutical tablets. In addition to having an attractive price and high performance, the line had to be able to be implemented in the future with new formats or dedicated controls.

What did RINOVA do?

The request was to renew the machines and configure them to be able to run the required formats by the customer. The new composed line also had to be adapted to his needs both in terms of price, performance, and space available at the customer’s site where he would have located it.

RINOVA evaluated the state of the machines on the basis of the information received and previous knowledge, and therefore proposed a level of revamping tailored to the customer’s request.

Furthermore, RINOVA proposed different configurations of the line in order to satisfy the customer’s requests to make the most of existing environments. The customer found the RINOVA proposal corresponding to his expectations and needs.

However, when the machines were received, and the real conditions of wear and conservation revealed, RINOVA had to integrate the previous proposal by considering restoration of parts damaged by corrosion and extra work to restore the conditions necessary for production.

Once the details of the order have been defined, the machines were expertly disassembled in all its parts, replacing all the worn and obsolete components.

Therefore, the machines were completely reconditioned, and reassembled by RINOVA’s specialized technicians. A new electrical panel was installed on the machines and with a consequent new rewiring of the whole machine.

It was installed a modern PLC, (the computer in the machine’s aimed to a process control) and fitted a Siemens touchscreen display as HMI for command input. All the protection guards and safety devices of the machine have been replaced with updated ones, with consequent CE recertification, all the manuals relating to mechanics, documentation, electrical and pneumatics have been provided in addition to all the format change over sheet.

At the end of the works, RINOVA delivered a Blister line (MB451 + MA355) able to run the required format and ready to enter the production of RAFARM.

What is the end result of a RINOVA refurbished machine?

  1. Cost savings compared to the purchase of a new machine with the same features;
  2. Delivery times of an overhauled faster than a new machine;
  3. A refurbishment with only original parts;
  4. New safety devices and software;
  5. Avoid the problems of obsolescence;
  6. New electrical panel;
  7. New manufacturer’s warranty;
  8. New CE certification;
  9. After-sales service;
  10. Customer care.

RINOVA can refurbish any second-hand machine from the Marchesini Group with its original parts, even if already owned by the clients.

Find out how to obtain important economic benefits in terms of savings and optimization, request a quote for the purchase of one of our used, reconditioned ones.

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