Open heart surgery! How we bring our machines back to life

Open heart surgery! How we bring our machines back to life - MF 910 mini - Rinova

All is not lost… With careful disassembly and replacement of all worn and obsolete components, a complete mechanical and electrical reconditioning of the machine follows, including repainting. All thanks to Rinova’s specialized mechanics, electricians and software engineers who, with great commitment, brought the MF 910 mini automatic wrapper machine back to life.

The wrapping machine is now ready to collate boxes, cartons and products, single or bundled, with heat-sealing film, wrap in a six-sided complete wrap, lateral envelope folds.

Discover all the features of the MF 910 mini.

What is the end result of a RINOVA refurbished machine?


  1. Cost savings compared to the purchase of a new machine with the same features;
  2. Delivery times of an overhauled faster than a new machine;
  3. A refurbishment with only original parts;
  4. New safety devices and software;
  5. Avoid the problems of obsolescence;
  6. New electrical panel;
  7. New manufacturer’s warranty;
  8. New CE certification;
  9. After-sales service;
  10. Customer care.


RINOVA can refurbish any second-hand machine from the Marchesini Group with its original parts, even if already owned by the clients.


Find out how to obtain important economic benefits in terms of savings and optimization, request a quote for the purchase of one of our used, reconditioned ones.


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