MF 910 mini

MF 910 mini Automatic wrapping machine

The Marchesini MF910 is an automatic overwrapper suitable to collate boxes, cartons or other regular shaped single or bundled products and wrap in a six-sided complete wrap, lateral envelope folds. The machine utilizes heat sealable material like co extruded and/or coated Polypropylene etc.


Main Features

  • New Bundler balcony style design composed by a basic the anodized aluminium plate structure, with inside placement of all servomotors, mechanical movements and functions. This design reduces maintenance and lubrication of mechanical parts which are protected against dust and isolated from working area and product transport;
  • Each movement is achieved by servo motor and PC controlled;
  • Size adjustments through servomotors and digital indicators on all dimensions;
  • Size management through PC input and executed automatically;
  • Temperatures of sealers are set from the Operator Panel and dedicated to the size in use;
  • Exchange of size parts with easy lock and a minimum use of tools;
  • Infeed and discharge centerline opposite operator side. Flat product infeed belt;
  • Infeed height from 590 to 715 +/- 40mm (23,228” – 28,149” +/- 1.5”);
  • Single extractable reel holder (extractable – telescopic type) placed on operator side for easy replacement;
  • Unwinding of wrapping material from the roll placed in-line in reference to the product flow direction;
  • Product discharge system: product pushes product, at a height of 890 +/- 40 mm and sealing with lateral belts;
  • Machine manufactured corresponding to European Community directives and delivered with the CE mark.


Machine Workflow

  • The workflow is from left to right;
  • Products are fed in single lane on the infeed conveyor, which brings them onto the elevator plate. The unwinding and cutting unit feeds the wrapping sheet providing automatic positioning. The product or bundle, elevated, impacts the wrapping sheet, placing it in ‘Π’-shape around;
  • Through the push, the lower folder forms the first fold and shifts the product into position for the transversal seal;
  • Bundle pushes bundle through the lateral folders. Lateral belts achieve the sealing on the wrapped product;
  • The sealing belts provide for lateral sealing of the wrapped item. The unit is equipped with underneath placed belts to empty the sealing area in continuous motion. The unit is longitudinally adjustable to achieve a constant infeed of the bundle. It can be lifted to facilitate wrapping material placement.


Installed Safeties

  • Transparent, anti-shock machine safety guards (hood type) and sliding doors underneath. Complete with safety micro switches. Opening of a panel triggers machine stop in emergency mode and release of air pressure;
  • Reel end or broken film detection with machine stop;
  • The transversal sealer shifts away at machine stop.


Machine complete with:

  • One set of size parts suitable to apply a full six-sided wrap on one product.

Technical data

Product size data

  • A: Min 20 mm (0.787") - Max 300 mm (11.811")
  • B: Min 12 mm (0.472") - Max 150 mm (5.905")
  • H: Min 60 mm (2,362") - Max 250 mm (9.842")

Bundle size data

  • A: Min 50 mm (1,968") - Max 300 mm (11.811")
  • B: Min 25 mm (0.984") - Max 150 mm (5.905")
  • H: Min 60 mm (2,362") - Max 250 mm (9.842")


  • Core diam. 75 mm (3"), o.d. max. 280 mm (11")
  • Width from 90 mm to 430 mm (3.5" - 17")
  • Film cut from 170 mm to 920 mm (6.692 - 36.22")

Infeed & discharge

  • Infeed from 590 mm to 715 mm ± 40 mm (23.2"- 28.15" ± 1.5")
  • Discharge: 890 mm ± 40 mm (35" ± 1.5")

Mechanical machine speed

  • Up to 80 wraps/Minute

Standard voltage

  • 400 Volts, 3-phase, Neutral & Ground. Frequency: 50 Cycles

Electrical system

  • The machine complies with international CE standards and is tested according certified Quality Plan

Electric cabinet

  • Placed on the rear side of the machine, opens for easy accessibility

Three colours advisory lights (5 functions)

Electric functions and Touch Screen control panel, complete with:

  • Start, stop, reset and emergency push buttons
  • Jog connector
  • Display to visualize notifications for the operator as well as necessary size management selections
  • Message presentation including services and Help menu
  • Display in Italian language with possibility to add two optional foreign languages
  • Password protected services access
  • Production data: total and partial hours counter, good products counter, speed indicator
  • Complying with EMC norms (El. Magnetic Compatibility)
  • Cybersecurity: SW complying with IEC 62443-3-3 International Standard. Security Level reached: SL2


  • SMC

Noise level

  • Not exceeding 80 dB(A)

Technical documentation

  • Original standard Instructions Manual (one hardcopy + Pendrive) and CE Certificate are supplied with the machine

Commercial References

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