RL-450 Labeller

The Marchesini Neri RL-450 is an automatic labeller, suitable to apply labels at high production speed on vials, ampoules, cartridges and cylindric containers. Unit operating in line with other machines or as a free-standing unit from tray to tray.

Main Features

  • Design, manufacturing and ergonomics, in accordance with GMP norms.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel supporting frame and panelling.
  • Scroll feeding system, spacing and distributing ampoules or vials, in step on the main transport carousel.
  • Container transport roller carousel with adjustable pitch, designed to handle a wide range of sizes.
  • Speed adjustment from operator panel.
  • One (1) label dispenser.
  • Self-learning system of the labels to be handled.
  • Provision to store several sizes of labels, with label size recall from keypad (no need to adjust the position of photocells or sensors).
  • Stepping feeding of labels, allowing empty spaces on reel.
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment of the labels position by means of hand wheel control complete with digital settings.
  • Micrometric adjustment of the overprint position on the labels.
  • Label smoothing system with a “mousse” rubber belt.
  • Automatic reel unwinding unit.
  • Backing paper rewinding unit with mechanical clutch.
  • Dispensed label counter visible on display.
  • Products extraction system from the main transport carousel, by means of an extraction drum with rubber suction cups.
  • Scroll for the products transfer from the extraction drum to the machine outfeed.
  • Wrong product rejection system positioned in the transfer screw.
  • Collation of products on tray.
  • Size changeover with no need of specific tools.
  • CE marking.

Safeties and Controls

  • Safety guards in anodized aluminium frame and methacrylate panels.
  • Emergency circuits and protections with safety level “PLd Cat.3”.
  • Missing label control on reel.
  • End of reel control with machine stop.
  • Control for backing paper rewinding unit maximum load, with machine stop.
  • Minimum load control at the infeed with machine stop and automatic restart.
  • Compressed air control pressure-switch with machine stop at low-level detection.


  • One (1) ampoules or vials size consisting of: feeding scroll, intermediate guides and discharge screw.

Technical data

Mechanical speed

  • 450 pcs/minute

Product sizes

  • Diameter from 8 mm to 32 mm (from 0.31” to 1.26”)
  • Height from 40 mm to 130 mm (from 1.57” to 5.12”)

Label sizes

  • Height from 10 mm to 60 mm (from 0.39” to 2.36”)
  • Length from 13 mm to 100 mm (from 0.51” to 3.94”)

Reel diameter

  • Max. 400 mm (15.75”)

Reel core diameter

  • 45 or 75 mm (1.77” or 2.95”)

Technical documentation

  • Standard Instructions Manual and CE Certificate are supplied with the machine.

Commercial References

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