MCPV850 Vertical case-packer palletizer

The Marchesini MCPV850 is a vertical case-packer palletizer and automatic Integrated Unit capable of receiving products on an infeed conveyor and to collate in a requested pattern. Erecting RSC-case (regular slotted container) taken from magazine, loading product into the case and seal it with self adhesive not overlapping tape. Transport the closed cases to pick-up position and palletize in requested patterns on a standard wooden pallet.

Functions programmed and controlled by an Industrial PC with color monitor. Configuration and sizes memorisation.

Case collating station

The products are transferred directly into the case from the conveyor by a Pick & Place. A vacuum gauge and/or sensor detects the pickup of each product at each cycle to assure that the defined numbers of product has been collated. In case of a wrong pickup, the machine stops.

Case feeding system

The magazine is composed by a vertical collation bin, with easy upper loading to a max height of 600mm of cases. The edges will be adjusted manually in accordance with different case dimensions.  The case will be picked up and transferred by a positive movement from the magazine to the forming area. Case forming is achieved by a system equipped with dedicated size parts.

Case closing

After the product has been loaded in the shipper, continuous motion chains transport the shipper through the flap closing and taping station. (Hot melt is available as an option.). The closed shipper is discharged to the motorized roller conveyor direct to the picking station of the Palletizer. The position of the taping units is adjusted simultaneously based on the case height “H”.  and width “B”. 


The Palletizer is capable to load cases arriving from the casepacker section of the Monoblock, on standard pallets.

Machine complete with:

  • Safety Guards with micro switches. The machine has all safeties required for a safe operation and corresponds to norms. Machine delivered with CE mark.
  • Machine complete to handle one product size in infeed, one collation pattern, one case size with self adhesive, non-overlapping closure and one pallet size.

Technical data

Mechanical speed

  • The Casepacker is capable of handling 10 cases/minute and up to 25 cycles/minute with the product pick & place unit

Magazine capacity

  • is approximately 600 mm of cartons

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