MC 820

MC 820 Automatic case-packer

The Marchesini MC 820 is an automatic case-packer machine for collation and insertion of single and collated cartons into the case, the case closing is done with not overlapping adhesive tape.

Software, mechanical and electronic parts have been completely refurbished. The machine is CE certified and complies with the existing safety standards.

The machine is composed of three working sections: cartons collation, case feeding and closing. The Balcony design improves accessibility, maintenance and cleaning operations. Changeover is made easy by means of quick lock size parts with reduced use of tools.

Main Features:

  • Collation of cartons, coming from the upstream machine, on the infeed conveyor belt;
  • Pick & Place for the direct transfer of the cartons into the hopper, with vertical stacking from the bottom to the top;
  • Product pick up detected at each cycle of the collation, to assure that the defined number of products has been collated;
  • Machine stop in case of wrong pick up;
  • Product transfer into the case, at the end of the collation phase, by the mechanical command of pusher and hopper.


Safeties and Controls:

  • Safeties guards in methacrylate, integrated in the machine frame;
  • Emergency circuits and protections with safety level “PLd Cat.3”;
  • Overload control on the machine brushless motorizations;
  • Torque control on product loading hopper and pusher;
  • Minimum load control, with machine under idle status in case of lack of cartons at the infeed;
  • Maximum load control on the infeed conveyor with stop of the upstream machine upon receipt of a signal detecting maximum load of product;
  • Minimum load control of the cases inside the magazine with acoustic pre-warning signal and machine stop;
  • Control for the unsuccessful case opening with machine stop;
  • Control for the adhesive tape breaking with machine stop and acoustic signal in case of tape reel end.


Technical data

Formats range

  • Quote A: 160 > 500 mm
  • Quote B: 120 > 350 mm
  • Quote H: 120 > 350 mm

Installed power (basic machine)

  • 11 kW

Air consumption (6 bar)

  • 360 Nl/min

Indicative weight

  • 2050 Kg

Max mechanical output cases/min, (up-to)

  • 10

Noise level

  • < 75 dB

Commercial References

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