RL-F300 Automatic labelling machine for ampoules and vials

The Marchesini RL-F300 is a high speed labelling machine with a star wheel transport system and has been designed to reduce manual operations and size change times to a minimum. The transport star wheel has a variable pitch to handle a vast variety of ampoules and vials. The machine can work in-line or free standing with a tray infeed and outfeed arrangement.

Software, mechanical and electronic parts have been completely refurbished. The machine is CE certified and complies with the existing safety standards. 

Basic machine standard features:

  • Stainless steel execution;
  • Self-learning system of label length, bar code and overprint position;
  • Automatic work speed synchronization of the all motors;
  • Positive logic “Fail Safe”;
  • Power driven unwinder with adjustable loop;
  • Star wheel takeoff of products with vacuum system;
  • Label dispensing with servomotor;
  • Label dispensing blade with vertical and horizontal micro-metric adjustment;
  • Micrometric servo-driven adjustment of the overprint position on the label;
  • Self-diagnosis on LCD display;
  • Label presence control system on products with luminescence photocells or camera;
  • Automatic ejection system for every kind of error;
  • Stop for consecutive rejects same type;
  • Counter control system of rejects.


Technical data

Installed power

  • 5 kW

Compressed air consumption

  • 30 nl/min - 6 bar

Indicative net weight

  • 1100 Kg

Noise level

  • ≤74 dB(A)

Mechanical output (up to)

  • 200 pz/min

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