MB 421

MB 421 Blister packaging machine

The Marchesini MB 421 is a totally automatic, compact and flexible blister packaging machine suitable for small and medium production batches, fully compliant with international safety standards for pharmaceutical systems.

Software, mechanical and electronic parts have been completely refurbished. The machine is CE certified and complies with the existing safety standards. ards.

Main features:

  • Forming unit at the back of the machine to offer maximum layout compactness and to clearly separate the material processing zone from that where the product runs;
  • Wide choice of feeding systems, based on the type of product to be processed: dedicated loader, universal loader;
  • Possibility to process blisters made of PVC + Aluminium, Aluminium + Aluminium, Polypropylene, PET and PVC, Aclar, COC, with dedicated devices;
  • Repeatable size changing without any adjustments, without using tools and very quickly;
  • Variable parameter changes set automatically on the display;
  • Logic Control with a variety of safety devices to guarantee the constant quality of the blister;
  • Totally clear safety guards to facilitate inspections and cleaning;
  • Operational balcony-design stations to facilitate cleaning operations.


Technical data

Number of thermoforming cycles

  • max 60

Forming depth

  • 12 mm

PVC reel external diameter

  • 400 or 600 mm

Lid foil reel external diameter

  • 280 mm

Installed power (basic machine)

  • 13 kW

Average electrical consumption

  • 5 kW

Compressed air consumption (basic machine)

  • 160 Nl/min 6 bar

Approx net weight

  • 2500 Kg

Commercial References

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