MA 100

MA 100 Intermittent motion cartoner

The Marchesini MA 100 is an intermittent-motion horizontal cartoner, entirely made with balcony construction, designed around three concepts: versatility, ergonomics and maximum efficiency in a small footprint.

Software, mechanical and electronic parts have been completely refurbished. The machine is CE certified and complies with the existing safety standards.

Main features:

  • Machine equipped with Touch Screen HMI;
  • Suitable to open the carton, insert the product, close the straight tuck-in flaps and discharge the carton at the machine outfeed;
  • In the design the machine is delivered with the Œ mark;
  • The working area is in balcony type layout;
  • Manual loading station and counter pushers unit;
  • The machine’s main motor is three-phase and the Venturi type vacuums source;
  • Simultaneous adjustment of all infeed buckets;
  • Carton magazine with pusher belt;
  • Booklet feeding unit;
  • Newly designed system consisting of an oscillating arm with suction cups and pre-breaking action;
  • Direct transfer into the belt transport system;
  • After pre-breaking the carton is transported by a parallel mounted belt transport group composed of two upper and two lower belts, which maintain the carton in perfect square;
  • Product arriving from the infeed chain is inserted with a pusher placed opposite operator side;
  • After the closing operation the carton is discharge direct onto the conveyor belt of the following machine or onto guides;
  • Safety Guard in Methacrylate material with electric interlocks, safety micro switches on opening positions;
  • Easy size change through handwheel and digital indicators and/or sized gauges.

Technical data

Formats range

  • Quote A: Min 20mm – Max 85mm
  • Quote B: Min 16mm – Max 65mm
  • Quote H: Min 60mm – Max 170mm

Maximum mechanical speed

  • up to 80/90 cartons per minute
  • The production speed is always dependent on the possibility of feeding and characteristics of the product as well as on the configuration of the product, as well as on the accessories added to the standard machine


  • Trays


  • 400V 50Hz

Air consumption (6 bar)

  • 60 NL/1’

Commercial References

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