MA 100

MA 100 Intermittent motion cartoner for bottles

The Marchesini MA100 si an intermittent motion automatic machine with horizontal transport of the carton, suitable for packing products into three-flaps straight or reverse tuck-in cartons.

Main Features

  • Design, manufacturing and ergonomics, in accordance with GMP norms;
  • Versatility and efficiency in a small footprint;
  • Balcony design to improve accessibility, maintenance and cleaning operations;
  • Working zone on operator side for cartons, products and leaflets transport, separated from the rear of the machine enclosing the mechanics and the main servo motor drive;
  • Cartons transport and closing movements running in oil bath, enclosed in two drive boxes;
  • Cartons transport system with adjustment (“a” quote) from a single point of intervention, through handwheel and digital indicators;
  • Adjustment of carton length (“h” dimension), by widening the belt transport system, through handwheel and digital indicators;
  • Separated removable bins for collecting rejected products, cartons and leaflets;
  • Handwheel, digital indicators, millimeter scales and size gauges for easy size changeover;
  • CE marking.

Product Feeding    

  • Product transport performed through buckets fitted on two belts for low noise operation of the machine; prearranged to be combined with different types of automatic feeding units, based on products to handle;
  • Simultaneous adjustment of all infeed buckets from a single point of intervention, by means of a size gauge, for a quick adjustment of the “a” quote.

Bottle Feeder with Horizontal Helix

  • Bottle feeder with horizontal helix for bottle lay down, placed at machine table level;
  • Bottles arriving in single lane, upright standing, enter the helix which provides to lay them down;
  • At the end of the helix a pusher introduces the bottle into the bucket of the cartoner transport chain;
  • The feeder is supplied with:
    – bottles feeding conveyor, 1000 mm long;
    – one horizontal helix to process one bottle format size.
  • The group can process bottles up to a max. diameter of 75 mm;
  • Not included (to be quoted separately, based on the layout): bottles conveyor belt upstream the feeder.

Cartoning Section 

  • Cartons magazine placed at about 900 mm (35.43”), in an easy position for the operator to load cartons, equipped with motorized pusher belts and minimum load control;
  • Simplified magazine guides and pickup adjustment with millimeter scales;
  • Carton opening by means of a pick-up oscillating arm and 90 degrees mechanical pre-breaking unit;
  • Direct transfer of the opened carton into the transport group equipped with 4 strong plastic toothed belts to keep the carton in perfect square;
  • Product insertion into carton, by means of a pusher unit placed opposite the operator side;
  • Carton closing and discharge on outfeed guides.

Safeties and Controls

  • Safeties guards in methacrylate, integrated in the machine frame;
  • Emergency circuits and protections with safety level “PLd Cat.3”;
  • Machine stop in emergency mode and release of the air pressure;
  • Overload control on the machine motorizations;
  • Overload control on pusher unit during product insertion;
  • Minimum load control on products, cartons and leaflets feeding;
  • Cross control product-carton-leaflet; in absence of product, the machine does not pick up neither carton nor leaflet;
  • Carton reject control;
  • Machine stop after three consecutive errors.


  • One (1) carton and product size.

Optional Accessories

  • Embossing cartons marking;
  • Different types of carton closures (hotmelt or tuck-in closures), available on demand;
  • Pre-folded leaflets magazine or GUK open/from reel sheets folder, installed within the safety guard and loaded from the outside.

Technical data

Carton size

  • A: Min 20 mm - Max 85 mm
  • B: Min 16 mm - Max 65 mm
  • H: Min 60 mm - Max 170 mm

Mechanical speed

  • up to 100 cartons/minute. The output depends on product characteristics, feeding groups and installed accessories

Technical documentation

  • Original standard Instructions Manual (one hardcopy + Pendrive) and CE Certificate are supplied with the machine

Commercial References

Gianluca Cavalli - Mirko Malatrasi Sales Managers

Ph. +39 349 392 0666 | +39 342 127 8487

Direct ph. +39 051 0116 303 | +39 051 0116 307


Ugo Bartolomei Sales & Business Development Manager

Ph. +39 342 778 6619

Direct ph. +39 051 0116 333



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