BL400VTE-TT Automatic labeller for self adhesive vignette

The Marchesini BL400VTE-TT is a continuous motion machine with balcony type, built in steel complying with GMP regulations. Supporting frame and panelling in stainless steel AISI304. Suitable to apply at high production speeds one(1) self-adhesive VIGNETTE on the upper carton face and TWO self-adhesive TAMPER-EVIDENT SEALS on the closure points of formed cartons straight or reverse tuck-in flaps. Conveyance system by toothed belt; unit operating in line with other machines.

Machine suitable for the installation of:

  • ink jet or Laser printing system on the upper face and/or on both sides of cartons for printing of readable data as well as corresponding 2D code (Datamatrix);
  • relevant camera controls.

Standard Equipment

  • Twin horizontal flat conveyor belts, allowing carton accumulation at in-feed;
  • Minimum load control at machine infeed with automatic start;
  • Timing and distancing device (patented), servo driven, to dispense the cartons onto main toothed conveyor;
  • Twin horizontal conveyor toothed belts with adjustable width in order to handle different carton sizes;
  • Positive conveyance system. Cartons are kept in pitch, pushed by the vertical cleated belt;
  • Continuous mode speed adjustment;
  • Automatic working speed synchronization of motors;
  • Top belt to hold the seal during placement over the edges;
  • Control of pulling motion, of label carrier web;
  • End of reel control with machine stop;
  • Missing label control on reel;
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustment of the TE-SEAL and VIGNETTE position;
  • VIGNETTE smoothing system with brushes or rubber rollers;
  • TE-SEALS smoothing system with folding devices;
  • Folders for straight or reverse tuck-in cartons;
  • TE-SEALS and VIGNETTE carrier web rewinding units;
  • Regulation of overprint zone on VIGNETTE;
  • Maximum load control at the out feed with automatic start,
  • Dispensed labels counter;
  • All reel holder’s operator side;
  • Extracted reel control with alarm;
  • Carton reject at discharge and collation in bin on operator side;
  • Control rejection bin in position with alarm;
  • Tamper Evident internal seals extractable reel, allowing for an easy change.

Machine complete with:

  • Power at 400 Volt, 3 phases, 50 Hertz, Ground & Neutral wiring;
  • Electric cabinet on board;
  • Operator terminal TP700 Touch Screen, 5,7″ color. Seven levels of password;
  • Safety Guards in aluminum and Methacrylate. Schmersal type safety switches;
  • Machine stop in case a door opens;
  • Compressed air control pressure-switch. With machine stop at low-level detection;
  • Outfeed carton counter;
  • Rejected carton counter;
  • Work hour counter;
  • The machine has all safeties, required for a safe operation and corresponds to norms;
  • Delivered with CE mark;
  • Production speed: up to 400 pieces/minute;
  • Changeover is made without additional size parts as only some adjustments are sufficient.

Technical data

Carton size

  • A: Min 20 mm - Max 120 mm
  • B (thickness): Min 15 mm - Max 90 mm
  • H: Min 70 mm - Max 250 mm


  • A (length): Min 15 mm - Max 80 mm
  • B (height): Min 20 mm - Max 60 mm


  • A (length): Min 15 mm - Max 60 mm
  • B (height): Min 15 mm - Max 30 mm

Label production speed

  • From 0 to 60 meters/minute

Reel diameter

  • Max 400 mm

Reel core diameter

  • 45 or 75 mm

Production speed

  • up to 400 pieces/minute

Commercial References

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