BA 400

BA 400 Continuous motion cartoner

The Marchesini BA 400 is an automatic continuous motion horizontal cartoner.  It is equipped with a wide conveyor group and set up for the leaflet magazine. Product is inserted into the carton via pushers.

The refurbished machine is set up for 1 format and 1 feeding group (for vials/trays/tubes). Ready to be shipped in less 3 months.

The machine is CE certified and complies with the existing safety standards. 

Main features:

  • Machine equipped with Touch Screen HMI;
  • The cartoning section is composed of two enclosed drive units;
  • One section is mounted fix and the other one adjustable and servo motor driven to suit the carton length (“h” dimension);
  • Main servo motor. Vacuum pump for carton opening drum and transfer shafts;
  • Venturi type pump for carton and leaflet aspiration;
  • Easy and fast size adjustments;
  • Product transport chain with adjustable drawers in width;
  • Product insertion into the carton achieved with a set of pushers placed opposite the operator side;
  • Underneath the pusher group is free of obstacles to allow for easy dropping of components;
  • Quick and easy format change.


Technical data

Formats range

  • A: Min 25mm – Max 70 mm
  • B: Min 15 mm – Max 70 mm
  • H: Min 78 mm – Max 150 mm

Maximum mechanical speed

  • up to 350 pieces/min
  • The production speed is always dependent on the possibility of feeding and characteristics of the product as well as on the configuration of the product, as well as on the accessories added to the standard machine


  • 400V 50Hz

Air consumption (6 bar)

  • 10 NL/1’

Commercial References

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