Obsolescence, revision and change of state of use – MA 155

The French company FARMEA contacted us for support and we have given our specialization and experience to its service.

Who is FARMEA?

FARMEA is part of the FAREVA group, the family-run French multinational. Since the ’90s the FAREVA group has succeeded in establishing itself as a centre of excellence, initially in the chemical industry and then in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. The FAREVA group today has close to 12,000 employees with a turnover of over 1.6 billion euros.

Why FARMEA contacted RINOVA?

FARMEA contacted RINOVA for information on the state of obsolescence of its MA 155. At the same time, it requested suggestions for a complete revamping and change of state of use of the same.

What did RINOVA do?

Considering that the Marchesini MA 155 cartoner was originally created to carton flow packs of eyedrops, a change in use of the machine was needed with a consequent CE re-certification at the end of the project.

RINOVA’s specialized technicians worked hard to revamp the Marchesini MA 155 cartoner:

  • The feed unit which originally moved the products to be cartoned was dismantled and then replaced with an in line screw feeding unit for bottles;
  • The GUK leaflet folder was removed to make room for a motorized pre-folded leaflet magazine;
  • The electrical system has been completely updated, thus eliminating obsolescence problems both in terms of hardware and software;
  • The vibratory bowl was added in order to feed a dosing syringe inside the carton;
  • A SEA VISION camera system was installed to detect the presence of the dosing syringe inside the carton and read the code on top of cartons and leaflets.


What is the end result of a RINOVA refurbished machine?

  1. New functionalities not present in the original machine;
  2. Cost savings compared to the purchase of a new machine with the same features;
  3. Avoid the problems of obsolescence;
  4. Increased durability of the machine;
  5. A refurbishment with only original parts;
  6. New safety devices and software;
  7. New warranty and CE certification;
  8. After-sales service;
  9. Customer care.

RINOVA can refurbish any second-hand machine from the Marchesini Group with its original parts, even if already owned by the clients.

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