F 40

F 40 Multipack stretch banding machine

The product coming from one single row, is grouped into the requested pattern and banded with polyethylene band.

Main Characteristics

  • Automatic intermittent motion machine, with mechanical movements;
  • Security clutch and cam controls;
  • All the movements are controlled by security devices: in case of overloading the machine will stop and the cause will be signalized on Display;
  • Reduced dimensions and solid frame. Base in sealed and painted carpentry with motor drive;
  • In the machine design, GMP norms have been followed to meet the pharmaceutical packaging requirements, allowing an easy access for maintenance, cleaning and size changeover purposes;
  • The machine can be supplied in symmetric version, in-line or 90 degrees feedings.

Banding and Sealing Section

  • The product is introduced against the film by a pusher driven by cams, defining the bundle wrapping;
  • A peculiar feature of the sealer clamping device allows a high quality seal in terms of stretching resistance, as well as surface result;
  • Bundle is kept in an orderly manner during sealing operations;
  • Sealer temperature is constantly checked by thermo-regulators;
  • A suitable sealer cooling system allows working even at a very high speed.

Reel Holder Section

  • The wrapping film will be unwinded by two motorized reels;
  • Adjustable film stretching around the bundle;
  • In case of film breaking, the machine will stop in emergency with proper signal on Display;
  • Two sensors indicates the reel ending.


  • Different sensors allow to know the status of the main machine parts, such as product missing;
  • Speed adjustment during changeover size.

Installed Safeties

  • Total safety guard, in Methacrylate, integrated in the machine frame. Microswitches on all the open doors, with machine stop in emergency and compressed air discharge;
  • Main movements are protected and controlled by proximity with indication on control panel and machine stop upon emergency conditions. On restore performed, a reset will be necessary and the machine will return automatically in the normal working position.

Machine complete with:

  • Easy size change over through hand wheel with digital indicators and millimetric scales;
  • One set of size parts suitable to collate and wrap one type of product.

Technical data

Product size data

  • The indicated data are for reference only. They are subject to be modified whenever manufacturing needs dictate so. Machine versions with different size range are available as optional
  • A: Min 30 mm - Max 350 mm
  • B: Min 12 mm - Max 200 mm
  • H: Min 50 mm - Max 300 mm

Bundle size data

  • A: Min 30 mm - Max 350 mm
  • B: Min 25 mm - Max 200 mm
  • H: Min 12 mm - Max 300 mm

Reel Dimensions

  • Core diam. 75 mm, O.D. max. 300 mm. Width Min 40 mm - Max 300 mm


  • Up to 40 bundles per minute
  • The output always depends on bundles collation requested

Technical specifications

  • The output always depends on bundles collation requested

Infeed & Outfeed Height

  • Product Infeed Height: 850 ± 40 mm
  • Outfeed Height: 850 ± 40 mm + Elevation height

Technical Documentation

  • Original standard CE Instructions Manual (one hardcopy + one CD Rom) and CE Certificate are supplied with the machine

Commercial References

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