BA 50

BA 50 Cartoner with accompanying counter-pushing unit (machine suitable for multi-row vials)

The Marchesini BA50 is an automatic, intermittent motion machine and horizontal transport of the carton, suitable to open cartons, to insert the product fed in a bucket chain and to close straight or reverse tuck-in flaps then to discharge the cartons at the outfeed.

Machine complete with:

  • Siemens motovariator group;
  • The lower machine body, separated from the working area, contains the adjustable speed SBC motor and the BECKER dry type vacuum pump;
  • Vertical carton magazine placed at approx. 1400mm (55,12”) from floor level, with minimum load control;
  • Mechanical drives are contained inside the frame; carton transport has a fixed and a mobile part adjustable to suit the carton length (“h” dimension);
  • Product infeed chain with fixed buckets designed to be connected to various available automatic-feeding units. Infeed and discharge height 860mm +/- 50mm (33,86” +/- 1,96”).

Main Features

  • The machine design, result of the long term and proven experience of the manufacturer in this field, has made of “BA 50” a reliable and high-quality machine;
  • Solid frame at reduced dimensions, it is realized in compliance with the safety norms and it is delivered with CE mark.

Installed Safeties

  • Safety Guard in Methacrylate integrated on the machine frame with safety micro switches on all the opening parts with machine stop in emergency mode and release of the air pressure;
  • Electronic torque overload control on the main motor with immediate machine stop;
  • Overload safety on product pusher and machine stop. After clearance, a reset is mandatory;
  • Machine stop after three consecutive errors.

Technical data

Size Range

  • A: Min 40 mm (1,57”) - Max 140 mm (5,51”), pitch 200 mm (7,87”)
  • B: Min 20 mm (0,79”) - Max 80 mm (3,15”)
  • H: Min 70 mm (2,75”) - Max 190 mm (7,48”)

Mechanical speed

  • Up to 30/35 cartons/Minute based on vial grouping
  • The output always depends on product feeding possibilities, automatic product feeders used, pushers and types of mounted additional accessories

Technical documentation

  • Original standard CE Instructions Manual (one hardcopy + one CD Rom) and CE Certificate are supplied with the machine

Commercial References

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